Organised Tennis

We have many forms of organised tennis for you to join in.  The idea is to ensure there is something for everyone whether you're a beginner, returning to tennis, improver or a good club level player.  Have a look below at what might be for you.  If you're not sure please don't hesitate to contact us at and we'll try and answer any of your queries or concerns.  We'll love you to come along and join in - over 80 play on a regular basis and this is growing rapidly.  With members coming from 21 different communities organised tennis in a really good way to get to know other people and enjoy tennis - we know it's not for everyone but those that have tried seem to love it.  We'd love you to come along.

Club night

Every Thursday 6-9pm - these sessions serve the following purpose: a) you can turn up unannounced and get a game b) they allow people to get an idea of what level they play at c) meet other player to get to know and enjoy tennis. Balls and lighting - where needed are free.

Organised doubles

Friendly doubles - Those interested say when they are available to play (dates and times) and you're slotted into doubles pairs with reserves in case of change of plans.  The range of standards is mostly but not exclusively Improvers-Intermediate and some Established good players.

Monday morning 10-12 as above contact Bill or 01225832982 to provide your availability.

Monday (evening)- 5.00-6.15, 6.15-7.30 and 7.30-9.00. 

Friday - 4.00-5.30 and 5.30-7.00

Contact Andy email or mobile 07715620347.  He will match up pairs to try to give everyone a good game for Wednesday and Friday

Click here for the Monday and Friday doubles availability schedule

Good and Intermediate level players

Sunday 4-6pm.  All can apply to play but due to restrictions of time availability higher level players will take priority.  Those interested say when they are available to play and your slotted into doubles pairs with reserves in case of change of plans.  Contact Ian or Andy email or or mobile Ian 07843760029 or Andy 07715620347.  They will match up pairs to give everyone a good game.

Though all organised doubles are for Gold Members, Silver members are welcome to come along and try and if they so wish can upgrade to a Gold membership.


Club nights and Friendly doubles - balls and lights are free

Organised good and intermediate level doubles - contribution to reimbursement for the cost of lighting (when needed) and balls.


Singles – mixed league

Doubles – any combination - invite a partner to join in a doubles pairing - can be men, women or mixed. If you're not sure we can find you one.

The ladders are open to all ages, if there is the demand then separate ladders for juniors may be set up.


This is your invite to join any either or both ladders stated above. If you are interested in joining you should send your response to: giving the following details:


Email address

Contact number

- these details should be available to be posted on the website for participates to be able to contact you.

Ladders you wish to join


1. The Organiser will set up the first ladders as best they see fit from those entering highest ranked at the top. Late entrants start at the bottom unless the Organiser decides otherwise. Your ladder Organiser will be notified to you.

2. Once posted players can challenge players up to two places above them in the ladder.

3. If the Lead (those higher up) is challenged the Challenger (person below) must give up to 3 reasonable dates to play the match in a 3 week period. If the Lead can't make these dates he must concede the match and advise the Challenger that they are the winner. Result will be described to the Organiser as 'Bye'. All results must be communicated to the Organiser and with the heading of Ladders (Ladies,Men's or Doubles).

Note - for Doubles the pair must decide who the Lead person is. This person acts for the pair just as in Singles.

4. Matches are based on the following scoring system:

a) Duration maximum 1 hour

 b) first to 10 games with 2 clear games

c) Deuce games - only one further point played with the receiver choosing which side to play from.

In the event where the sides are level in games a sudden death game should be played or the game in progress is completed.

5. Once the match is played the result must be emailed immediately by the Winner to both your Organiser and copying your opponent. Please provide the player names, date of Match played, score and the result. Specifying in the subject line LADDER RESULT - (stating whichever Singles/Doubles) - making it easier to pick out from other emails

6. Ladders will be updated once per week on the website

7. Each Ladder will have an Organiser - set out on the website under Club Tennis. The Organiser can refer to the Supervisor but ultimately the Organisers decision is final but please remember the spirit of the club is Fun and Friendly.

Andy Smith

Ladder Supervisor