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We are delighted to have Team Bath Tennis as our coaching providers, with Stephen Marcelle as our resident coach. Team Bath’s all-encompassing tennis programme is one of just four LTA International High Performance Centres in the UK – recognised as having exceptional tennis facilities available to performance athletes (junior and senior), members of the public and students.

Team Bath welcomes the chance to work alongside WVT as a new and exciting venue for tennis within the BANES area. In such a short space of time the club, committee and village has got behind the project massively. With ambitious plans to grow the club further this was an opportunity we are delighted to be a part of. Barry Scollo (Director of Tennis)

The coaching team

Coach and Administrator - Dillon Slade: 01225 384247. Dillon is a UKCC L4 Senior Club Coach and is your main point of contact for coaching enquiries at Team Bath. If you want to ask any questions about where you fit in within the coaching programme please do not hesitate to contact him. 

Coach - Stephen Marcelle: Stephen is the main group coach at the club and works on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday delivering for all ages and abilities. He can also run private lessons and will try his best to fit you into his weekly schedule. Please get in touch with Stephen to see which group may best suit your needs. He has experience in a number of areas in the tennis business from administering and tutoring Tennis Play and Stay programs, coaching and running Mini Tennis Tournaments, coaching total beginners to training tournament players on the ITF. JR. Circuit, managing and maintaining a tennis facility, staff training, tennis promotions and membership drives to implementing junior and adult programs, an ITF. JR. Tennis Tournament Director for over ten years and more.

Stephen is now running cardio tennis on a Wednesday evening 6-7pm. Please contact him directly for more details.

Head of Club Coaching: Tom Ellis 01225 384210. Tom overseas the whole Team Bath Tennis Programme and can be contacted if the above coaches are unable to help you with anything or want to discuss any other matter.

Please browse through the courses listed below and for further information on operation of these courses use the coaching information page.


How to book

To book a coaching session please take a look at the below courses and then call Dillon on 01225 384247 or email him on to arrange the booking directly.

The times, days, prices can be found on the below tables. If you have any further questions please contact Dillon directly.

Due to requests, we will now offer sessions on a drop in basis. Prices for the sessions are £10.00 which you can bring to the session and hand over to your coach, Stephen. You may also sign up for a block of 6 lessons in the term for £50 (for the hour long sessions). these must be used in the one term as opposed to multiple terms. Please contact Dillon directly to book and pay for these on 01225 384247 or

To qualify for the first mini or junior session free please download and fill in the free first session form If you previously have attended one of our Team Bath Tennis fun days or have previously come to coaching wih us at Wellow the first session free flyer is unable to be used. It is designed for people that have not received tennis coaching before from the Team Bath Team at Wellow and other venues.

Coaching will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the Spring Term (12 weeks)

Junior and Mini Coaching Tues 8th Jan - Sat 6th April 2019

Mini Red (8 years and under) is played on small 1/4 courts with 17-23” racquets and soft sponge or red balls. It’s just like the real game, with players having the opportunity for long rallies and participating FUN games and competition.

Mini Orange and Green (10 years and under) is played on a 3/4 court, with soft orange or green balls and 23-26” racquet. Players are now exposed to a longer and wider court (although smaller than full size) allowing players to develop an all round game and develop a range of techniques and tactics.

Juniors (16 and under) move to playing on a full court, players now explore the full game, controlling space and time with the faster ball and developing their own style of play, with full size racquets and yellow ball. With players developing physically, players learn to control the shots and use effective power in their game. Fully utilising the whole court and trading/building with strategy.

Class Name (age) Day Level Time No.Weeks Gold Non Mem/Silver Start Exc End
Tots Tennis (3&4) Wednesday Club 3.45-4.15pm 12 £48.00 £72.00 9th Jan 23rd Feb 3rd April
Mini Red (5-8y/o) Wednesday Club 4:15-5pm 12 £66.00 £90.00 9th Jan 23rd Feb 3rd April
Mini Red (5-8y/o) Saturday Club 10.30-11.30am 12 £78.00 £102.00 12th Jan 3rd Nov 6th April
Mini Orange/green (9-10y/o) Wednesday Club 5-6pm 12 £78.00 £102.00 9th Jan 23rd Feb 3rd April
Mini Orange/green (9-10y/o) Saturday Club 11.30-12.30pm 12 £78.00 £102.00 12th Jan 3rd Nov 6th April
Junior (11-16) Wednesday Club 5-6pm 12 £78.00 £102.00 9th Jan 23rd Feb 3rd April
Junior (11-16) Saturday Club 12.30-1.30pm 12 £78.00 £102.00 12th Jan 3rd Nov 6th April


Adult Coaching Tues 8th Jan to Sat 6th April 2019

Improver means you probably play once every week or so of times a year and are able to keep a rally going.

Intermediate/Advanced means you can compete with an all court game. Serve/Rally/Know how to score is generally required at intermediate level.            

Day Level Time No.Weeks Gold Silver Start Exc End
Tuesday Ladies Morning 9.30-10.30am 12 £78.00 £102.00 8th Jan 19th Feb 2nd April
Tuesday Intermediates 10.30-11.30am 12 £78.00 £102.00 8th Jan 19th Feb 2nd April
Tuesday Team Training 11.30-12.30pm 12 £78.00 £102.00 8th Jan 19th Feb 2nd April
Wednesday All Inclusive 7-8pm 12 £78.00 £102.00 9th Jan 23rd Feb 3rd April
Saturday Team Training 4.30-6.30pm Arranged by Committee " " " " "


Cardio Tennis... Wednesday 6-7pm.. £6 Pay and Play for Gold and £8 for Silver/Non Member.

Cardio Tennis is a fun, sociable group fitness class set on a tennis court and open to people of all ages and abilities.

Supported by music and qualified instructors, you’ll get to hit lots of tennis balls during your class and have a great cardio workout at the same time.

What is a typical class like?

Your trained Cardio Tennis instructor will lead you through a 60 minute class consisting of a short warm up and cool down either side of a 40 minute full body workout.

Warm up - Some dynamic stretching, skills and drills to get your body warm and mind sharp before the workout begins

Aerobic section - Here’s your chance to hit loads of shots, including forehands, backhands, serves and volleys, all mixed with a variety of fitness activities

Tennis section - Put your shots into practice with fun tennis games. You’ll never play one-on-one; your team mates will be with you all the way

Cool down - Well done, you made it! Now it’s time to recover and stretch

What else do I need to know?

What do I need to bring? - Bring along your own racket if you have one, if not don’t worry as you might be able to borrow one from your Cardio Tennis venue. Wear comfortable gym kit and trainers. You’ll be working up a sweat, so don’t forget to bring a water bottle too!

Do I need to be good at tennis? - No! Cardio Tennis is for anyone who wants to get fit and have a go at tennis. The class moves along quickly, so no one will be judging your skills, and it doesn’t matter whether the ball goes in or out.

Do I need to be fit? - No! Cardio Tennis is for anyone who wants to have fun getting fit.

Do I have to be a member of a club? - No! we offer classes on a pay and play basis. 


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