Summer 2022 coaching program starts w/c 25th April

The Summer term time coaching schedule is now LIVE and available to book via our Blue Sky Customer portal. 

You can view all the classes and create a customer account by following the link here, Just select Wellow as the venue.

This Link gives information about the types of classes we offer

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14th March 2022

A very BIG HELLO to you all, the Wellow Valley Tennis Club membership and community. We know the club has now announced our appointment as the new coaching team from April, so we would like to introduce ourselves, what we offer and give you a heads up on some key dates.


We are Bluesky Tennis and are delighted to be working with the club to provide top class tennis services for the members. We are looking forward to building on the great work Sara and Barry Scollo have put into Wellow in recent years and thank them both for their help in handing over the coaching reins to us.


Bluesky Tennis is a team packed with experience, skills and passion. Tom Therrien (Tennis Director) heads up the team of senior coaches, assistants and leaders within tennis coaching and fitness services. Tom has over 25yrs of coaching experience within all areas of coaching from getting people started to training National competitors both in the UK and abroad.


Our ‘coaching philosophy’ is based on a person focused approach, meaning we aim to understand the person first, player second, before offering courses that best fit their needs. We believe everyone has the potential to reach their goals and we are committed to supporting them on their journey.


All our 10 week Tennis plans include our 4 key life motives of Health & Fitness, Social connections, Learning opportunities and Competitive challenge and we have plans to suit all ages and abilities. We also run ‘Pay as you go’ classes which are tailored more specifically to one of the life motives and provide a more flexible access to the coaching, Cardio Tennis for fitness being a good example.


Over the coming weeks we aim to learn more about the club, get to know you the members & what you would like to see delivered, and give you more information about us and the coaching opportunities ready for Launching the summer coaching term on the 25th April. We have built a proposed summer coaching schedule (attached), so you can see the types of classes. We have tried to follow the existing schedule as much as possible to help keep continuity. The bookings should be open and ready for the 28th March and we will let you know as soon as possible.


In the meantime if you would like to get in touch with us or have any initial questions, please feel free to contact us

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Tel - 07378 152395

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