Welcome to our new coach Ricky Reardon!

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I have been working with the University of Bath as a senior coach for over 2 years and before that at Lansdown LTC for over 12 years. In that time I have coached players of all ages and abilities, worked in schools, run team tennis teams and helped to deliver various events.

The two most important things to me are: firstly,  the thousands of hours of coaching (and working with other great coaches) I have put in over the years that have really helped me to quickly understand what the needs of my clients are. Secondly I am still a student of the game, I try to learn off other coaches and use online coaching resources to further my knowledge! 

Working with the Wellow Valley Tennis committee and Tom Ellis at TeamBath, our vision will be to increase participation with our existing members as well growing the membership, alongside increasing coaching numbers and running a wide variety of events. 

May Promotions - To kickstart my tenure at Wellow Valley Tennis and for people to see my coaching style, I would like to offer two promotions in the month of May 2019.

First Promotion - Free 30min inductions for all Gold and Silver members. This would be an on-court hit for 20mins for me to see your tennis and offer some tips going forward. 10 min chat regarding what the club/coaching is offering and for me to find out anything you would like to see! N.B. this offer is for adults as easier to run on day, but if you do have children then we could get them to come to do a free taster session for the existing sessions we run in term. Contact me directly to book a time on: email- MOB: 07812 05997.

Second Promotion - Half Price 1:1 coaching, for the month of May I would like to offer my services for just half the price!! So if you are a Gold member that would just be 15 pounds sterling! For a Silver 18 pounds. What a great way to kickstart your tennis season with some individual lessons! Contact me directly to book a time on: email- MOB: 07812 05997.

For any other coaching sessions, term will kick-off from the 23rd April. Please use the Wellow Valley Tennis Clubspark coaching page to see what's on offer:

I look forward to the opportunity of working as the Head Coach at Wellow as I said earlier it would be great to be here next year with a massive boost in numbers on court with varied coaching, events and competitions.

Hope to see as many of you on-court in May for the promotions.