Wimbledon ballot Opt-in

Today was the final day of the Wimbledon ballot opt-in registration. With only eligible Gold members (excludes younger members) able to join the ballot we achieved a very creditable 115 registrations - that's over 60%.

Though we got 124 registrations last year that was across all members so it's still a pretty good turn out.  A big thank you goes to all of you who managed to navigate through the complicated LTA systems.  I've heard from many of you who rang the LTA and everyone said they couldn't have had a more helpful response.

So what happens next, well the LTA gather in all the club responses and apportion ticket allocations based on the numbers Opting in.  Last year we were allocated 19 pairs of tickets to purchase, this year who knows but maybe a slightly smaller allocation.

On 14th March we will know our allocation and then in April we will firstly check all those who opted in still want to be included in the draw.  We will then draw out the lucky winning members on a Friday evening in late April at the Fox and Badger.

Any questions please email