Winter Tournament

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The tournament runs from 10th November 2017 to 9th February 2018, with a two week break over Christmas and New Year. Matches are played on weekends; one match per weekend, either home or away, and at a time that is arranged between team captains. Wellow matches will be either Friday evening (6pm to 9pm), Saturday afternoon (2pm to 5pm), Saturday afternoon (6pm to 9pm), or Sunday morning (10am to 1pm).

A team consists of two mixed doubles pairs. Each mixed doubles pair plays 4 sets per match - two sets against each of the opposition club's two pairs. Our Wellow team will have a match fee of £2.50 per person per match to cover the costs of lights and new balls. Refreshments after the match can be organised between team captains for individual matches if desired.

The tournament is open to all WVT members. Only two pairs play each week, so you can offer to play once only or multiple times - whichever suits you best. If you have a partner that you would like to play these matches with, please let us know. For each match 4 players and 4 reserves will be organised. Peter Downey is our Wellow team captain, and will organise who plays each week and at what time the match will be played. A match schedule will be available shortly.

To help coordinate player availability, a Doodle Poll has been set up: 

To register your availability, please go to the link and tick in the boxes next to the dates that you would like to play. Or you can send an email to stating your preferences and any queries you may have.

See you on court!